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October 2014
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id Date Time Location Field Info Division Conference Home Away Score Box
1994Wed, 10/01/20146:00 PMGale 7th GradeDivision II7IFO7ERW  
1987Wed, 10/01/20146:00 PMRexburg North - 100 7th GradeDivision I7MW7IFB  
1989Wed, 10/01/20146:00 PMRigby - Wilson Field 8th GradeDivision III8R28SAL  
2315Wed, 10/01/20146:00 PMRirie 7th GradeDivision II7RR7SCW  
1998Wed, 10/01/20146:00 PMSandcreek 8th GradeDivision II8SCN8D  
2000Wed, 10/01/20146:00 PMShelley 6th GradeDivision II6SH6SS  
1996Wed, 10/01/20146:00 PMSkyline - 100 6th GradeDivision I6ERB6IFO  
2007Wed, 10/01/20146:00 PMSt. Anthony 6th GradeDivision II6STA6RM2  
1992Wed, 10/01/20146:00 PMStinger Stadium 7th GradeDivision I7RM27R1  
2004Wed, 10/01/20146:00 PMSugar City 7th GradeDivision II7SS7NF  
2006Wed, 10/01/20147:00 PMFirth 7th GradeDivision II7F7D  
1991Wed, 10/01/20147:00 PMTautphaus Park 6th GradeDivision I6SCS6R1  
1995Wed, 10/01/20147:30 PMGale 8th GradeDivision I8IFB8SCS  
1988Wed, 10/01/20147:30 PMRexburg North - 100 8th GradeDivision I8MW8IFO  
1990Wed, 10/01/20147:30 PMRigby - Wilson Field 8th GradeDivision III8R18RM1  
2003Wed, 10/01/20147:30 PMRirie 8th GradeDivision III8RR8STA  
1999Wed, 10/01/20147:30 PMSandcreek 8th GradeDivision II8SCW8SH  
2001Wed, 10/01/20147:30 PMShelley 7th GradeDivision II7SH7ERB  
1997Wed, 10/01/20147:30 PMSkyline - 100 7th GradeDivision I7RM17R2  
2008Wed, 10/01/20147:30 PMSt. Anthony 7th GradeDivision II7STA7SCSE  
1993Wed, 10/01/20147:30 PMStinger Stadium 8th GradeDivision II8RM28F  
2005Wed, 10/01/20147:30 PMSugar City 8th GradeDivision I8SS8MG  
2030Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMDriggs 6th GradeDivision I6D6SCW  
2020Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMGale 5th GradeDivision I5IFO5R3  
2397Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMRexburg North - 100 6th GradeDivision III6MG6SCE  
2011Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMRexburg South - 80 5th GradeDivision III4MG4ERW  
2013Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMRigby High School 6th GradeDivision II6R26RR  
2024Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMSandcreek 5th GradeDivision I5SCS5MG  
2022Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMSkyline - 100 5th GradeDivision I5ERW5SCN  
2331Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMStinger StadiumStadium 6th GradeDivision III6RM16R3  
2329Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMTautphaus Park80 Yard Field 5th GradeDivision III4SCN4SS  
2028Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMAshton 5th GradeDivision II5NF5WJ  
2328Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMRigby - Wilson Field 5th GradeDivision III4R24SH  
2026Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMShelley 5th GradeDivision I5SH5MW  
2029Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMSt. Anthony 5th GradeDivision II5STA5RR  
2027Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMSugar City 5th GradeDivision I5SS5R1  
2344Sat, 10/04/201410:30 AMDriggs 5th GradeDivision II5DO5A  
2334Sat, 10/04/201410:30 AMGaleCompass Academy 5th GradeDivision III4IFB4RM2  
2010Sat, 10/04/201410:30 AMRexburg North - 100 6th GradeDivision III6MW6SAL  
2012Sat, 10/04/201410:30 AMRexburg South - 80 5th GradeDivision III4MR4SCS  
2014Sat, 10/04/201410:30 AMRigby High School 5th GradeDivision I5R25SAL  
2338Sat, 10/04/201410:30 AMSandcreek 5th GradeDivision III4SCE4R1  
2023Sat, 10/04/201410:30 AMSkyline - 100 5th GradeDivision I5ERB5RM1  
2332Sat, 10/04/201410:30 AMStinger StadiumStadium 5th GradeDivision I5RM25IFB  
2330Sat, 10/04/201410:30 AMTautphaus Park80 Yard Field 5th GradeDivision III4ERB4IFO  
2363Wed, 10/08/20146:00 PMDriggs 7th GradeDivision II7D7IFO  
2361Wed, 10/08/20146:00 PMFirth 7th GradeDivision II7F7ERW  
2041Wed, 10/08/20146:00 PMGale 8th GradeDivision I8IFB8SS  
2345Wed, 10/08/20146:00 PMRexburg North - 100North 100 7th GradeDivision I7MR7IFB  
2347Wed, 10/08/20146:00 PMRigby - Wilson Field 8th GradeDivision III8R18SAL  
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